Friday, August 04, 2006

Reggae Like Dirt

Huge world of Jamaican sounds out there, with the Internet as a fantastic resource. So here are some recommendations.

Apart from our humble little show, Lawless Street, if you are in Sydney you should check Bass Culture (which mixes it up with soul, funk and punk), Fire on the Wire, Basslines and Black Roots Music & Oration on Koori Radio 93.7FM (Saturday 12-2pm). If elsewhere in Australia check Oz Reggae to see what is going to air near you. For podcasts etc. check a thread at DJ Greedy G's board. Definitely check the audio at Fire Corner too.

Not just for the living room and the web! Get out there and support people putting on shows. Sydney's scene is starting to bloom. Enjoy yourself (its later than you think). Check Oz Reggae and I will also try to put stuff up here.

Check the links I have put up and the links at those sites too. There is some beautiful stuff out there from people that really know and love the music.

Some great discussion boards out there too. My faves are Blood & Fire, Oz Reggae, DJ Greedy G's, and the SNWMF.

"The Rough Guide to Reggae" by Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton is a must. Their "Reggae: 100 Essential CDs" is also a good guide. Penny Reel's "Deep Down With Dennis Brown" is a beautiful book, as is Beth Lesser's "King Jammy's". Dave Katz has also put out two books that are a goldmine of information - a biography of Lee Perry called "People Funny Boy", and a more general history called "Solid Foundation". Then of course there are magazines, zines, web sites and sleeve notes to fill ya head with!

If you want to pick up reggae in Sydney you should check Good Groove or the Darlo Barber, just around the corner in Victoria Road. Also there is Unsound down in the Hunter Arcade. So Music in Newtown also stocks a good range of reggae CDs, and you can find other good stuff scattered around the place (Redeye, Hum, Fish, Egg, Recycled Records). For Shopping on-line I've always found Ernie B's great. Also worth checking Reggae Revive and Soundquake, which both have sound samples.


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