Thursday, January 18, 2007

Playlist 18/01/07- Impact!: a Randy's special

Tanya Stephens Dubplate - Firehouse at the Marquee 13 Jan 07
Sidewalk Killer - I-Roy (Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff CD, Blood & Fire)
Love Don't Come Easy - The Heptones (Peace & Harmony 2CD, Trojan)

Burial - The Wailers (Impact! 7")

A Little Mashin' - Bunny & Skitter (The Rough Guide to Ska CD)

Blow Roland Blow - Roland Alphonso (Randy's 7")

Royal Charlie - Charlie Organaire (Randy's 7")

Someone's Going To Bawl - The Maytals (The Rough Guide to Ska CD)

Would like to dedicate this humble little show to Vincent Chin - who combined a love of music with a sense of adventure and business acumen, Augustus Pablo - for his rich musical vision, and Errol Thompson - a studio egineer who combined professionalism, craftsmanship and experimentation. And of course Clive Chin.

There is an excellent interview with Clive Chin here that recounts the Randy's story. For a brief overview check VP Records in the about VP section. Fortunately it is pretty easy to pick up material related to Randy's. Check 'The Rough Guide to Ska' (Rough Guides), '17 North Parade' (Pressure Sounds), 'Impact!' (Soul Jazz), 'Forward the Bass' (Blood & Fire) and 'Out on A Funky Trip' (Motion) for starters.


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