Thursday, May 24, 2007

Playlist 24/05/07 - More Years From Alpha

Going West - Prince Buster All Stars (Blue Beat 7" / CD-R)
Coconut Rock - The Skatalites (Studio Once Scorcher 3LP, Soul Jazz)
Outback Dub - The Skatalites (On the Right Track CD, Aim)
Ites Ites Ites Skatalites Feelin - King Tide (Scared New World CD, Vitamin)
Good Good Rudie - The Wailers (Studio One Rude Boy CD, Soul Jazz)
Concrete Jungle - The Wailers (The Complete Wailers 67-72 CD, JAD)
Dub Organiser - Dillinger (Trojan 10")
Cloak & Dagger (Dub Plate) - Tommy McCook & the Upsetters (Trojan 10")
Words & Meditation - Mista Savona (Melbourne Meets Kingston CD, Elefant Traks)
Little Flute Chant - The Upsetters (Words: Chapter 2 CD, Trojan)
Slavery Days Dub - Disciples (Black Foundation In Dub CD, Heartbeat)
Everyday Sax - Tommy McCook (Blazing Horns / Tenor In The Roots CD, Blood & Fire)
Determination Skank - Bobby Ellis, Tommy McCook, Dirty Harry (Rhythm Master Vol. 1 CD, Hot Pot)
Brother Toby Is A Movie From London - I-Roy (Dubble Attack CD, Shanachie)
Money Generator - Karl Bryan & the Afrokats (Studio Once Scorcher 3LP, Soul Jazz)
Idleburg - Cedric Im Brooks (Studio One Funk CD, Soul Jazz)
Baba Explosion - Supersonics (Tribute To Treasure Isle LP, Peckings)
Step Softly - Bobby Ellis & the Desmond Miles Seven (Rebel Music CD, Trojan)
Thriller - Vin Gordon (Sounds & Presure Vol. 2 CD, Pressure Sounds)
Cobra Rock - Vin Gordon & The Revolutionaries (Fighting Dub CD, Hot Pot)
Shaka The Great - Overnight Players (Sounds & Pressure Vol. 3 CD, Pressure Sounds)
On The Right Track - The Skatalites (On The Right Track CD, Aim)
Ras Woman - Vida Sunshyne (Melbourne Meets Kingston CD, Elefant Traks)
After The Carnival - Astronomy Class (Exit Strategy CD, Elefant Traks)
Cantelope Rock - The Fugitives (Doctor Bird 7")
Africa Dub - Restless Mashaits (Kingston Sessions 1992-2002 CD, Addis)
Universal Horns - Nambo & Ian Hird (M Records 10")
35 Years From Alpha - Deadly Headly (feat. Rico) (Reggae Archive Vol. 2 CD, On U Sound)

Skatalites - On The Right Track
Alpha Boys School
School Days
Tommy McCook
Don Drummond
Vin Gordon
Bobby Ellis
Deadly Headley
Cedric Im Brooks
Nambo Robinson
Dean Fraser


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