Thursday, November 01, 2007

Playlist 1/11/07 - Pressure Sounds Special

Medley: Linstead Market/Hold 'Im Joe/Dog War A Matches Lane/Emanuel Road - Lord Fly with Dan Williams & His Orchestra (Take Me To Jamaica CD)
All For Free - Tafari Syndicate (More Pressure: Straight to the Head CD)
Peace In The Valley - Roman Stewart (An Even Harder Shade of Black CD)
Red Blood - Black Skin the Prophet (Sounds & Pressure Vol. 1 CD)
Christopher Columbus - Little Roy (Tafari Earth Uprising CD)
The Same Song - Israel Vibration (Sounds & Pressure Vol. 2 CD)
Back Weh - Prince Far I & the Arabs (Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 3 CD)
Massacre - Enos McLeod & Soul Syndicate (The Genius Of Enos CD)
Shepherd Rod - The Upsetters (Voodooism CD)
Dub Ruler - Revolutionaries (Kool Roots CD)
Up Park Camp - John Holt (Well Charged CD)
In God We Trust - Morwell Esquire (Sounds & Pressure Vol. 2 CD)
Love Is A Treasure - Michael Scotland (Psalms of the Drum CD)
Born To Love - The Techniques (Techniques In Dub CD)
The Beatitude - The Uniques (Watch This Sound CD)
No One To Give Me Love - Larry Marshall & Alvin Leslie (Safe Travel CD)
Give Me Loving - The Black Brothers (Red Bumb Ball CD)
Lonely Soldier - Gregory Isaacs (Rantdy's: 17 North Parade CD)
Tougher Than Tough - I Roy (Riding the Roots Chariot CD)
Let Love In - Dennis Brown (Phil Pratt Thing CD)
Holy Mount Zion - Gladstone Anderson (Sounds & Pressure Vol. 3 CD)
Cheer Up Blackman - Morvin Brooks (Roots Techniques CD)
I Gave You My Word - Phillip Fullwood (Spear Burning CD)
Back Out - Wailing Souls (Wailing Souls at Channel One CD)
Rema Skank - The Revolutionaries (Maxfield Avenue Breakdown CD)
Dunkirk - The Revolutionaries (Drum Sound CD)
Six Foot Six - The Professionals (No Bones For the Dogs CD)
Eight Against Rome Version - The Mercenaries (More Pressure: Straight to the Head CD)
Worries in the Dance - Frankie Paul (When The Dances Were Changing CD)
Waterhouse - Mighty Rudo (The Crowning of Prince Jammy CD)
Sticksman - Black Slate (Don't Call Us Immigrants CD)
Shi-cago - Dennis Bovell (Decibel CD)
Nuh Skin Up Dub - Keith Hudson & the Soul Syndicate (Nah Skin Up CD)
The Lord's Prayer - Prince Far I (Psalm's For I CD)
Kid Ralph - Augustus Pablo (In Fine Style CD)


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