Saturday, February 07, 2009

Some listening suggestions...

Just a quick post to link you in on some nice sounds out there.

First up some-time Lawless Street selector, Social Living, has put up some excellent stuff at his podcast page. Check out the Dub Shack Version selections. There will be another Social Living Selection on the Lawless Street soon.

If dub is your thing be sure to check Steve Austin's tribute to the late great King Tubby, who was murdered on 6 February 1989. Go to PBS and sign up so you can listen to radio on demand. It's Free! Then check 'Break The Chains' for 6 Feb. While you're there why not check out Jesse I's 'Babylon's Burning' and Mohair Slim's 'Blue Juice'.

Brent Clough, aka Senior Bambu, has also put up a great set at Unity Sounds II. If you're not always able to tune into 2SER's 'Fire on the Wire' on a Wednesday afternoon you can often pick up the audio at Fire Corner

Over the radio waves in Sydney check Robojase's Bass Culture Radio, Friday morning 8 to 10,on 2RRR. On a Saturday night you can check Vibes Connection on Bondi FM, 88FM, from 8 to 10pm, or else Papa George's 'Shades of Black' on Radio Skidrow, 88.9FM. Also check Skidrow on a Thursday afternoon between 1 and 4pm for Ibo jah's 'Fire Pon Rome'. You can also catch Ibo Jah on Koori Radio, 93.7FM, on a Saturday afternoon between 12 and 2pm. On A Sunday evening you can catch Gina Mitchell on FBI, 94.5FM, with 'Basslines'.

And finally don't go past this Studio One mix from Tim P at DanceCrasher


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