Thursday, August 17, 2006

Play List 17/08/06

Revolution Conference - Prince Jammy (Dub It to the Top CD, Blood & Fire)
Deliverance Will Come - Dennis Brown (Visions of Dennis Brown LP, Joe Gibbs)
Soldier of Jah Army - Earl 16 (Soldier of Jah Army CD, Patate)
I'm A Free Man - Freddy McKay (Pressure Sounds 10")
Ain't No Sunshine - Ken Boothe (Darker Than Blue CD, Blood & Fire)
Best Dressed Chicken - Dr Alimantado (Best Dressed Chicken CD, Greensleeves)
River Stone - Zap Pow (LMS 7")
Keep The Pressure Down - Errol Dunkley (Keep The Pressure Down CD, Black Solidarity)
Get Ready - Delroy Wilson (Darker Than Blue CD, Blood & Fire)
Darker Than Blue - Lloyd Charmers (Darker Than Blue CD, Blood & Fire)
Instrumental (PK/Honest Johns 10")
Israel - Dennis Brown (Natty Congo 12")
Unity - Meditations (Wambesi 12")
Look Out For the Devil - Junior Dan (Hi-Try/Honest Johns 10")
Golden Snake - Johnny Clarke (The Hudson Affair 2CD, Trojan)
Joshua Words - Johnny Clarke (Jackpot 7")
Magnum Force - Vin Gordon (Trojan 10")
Mutiny - Niney the Observer (PK/Honest Johns 10")
Cheer Up Black Man - Morvin Brooks (Roots Techniques CD, Pressure Sounds)
Righteous Kingdom - The African Brothers (Black Roots 7")
Starlight - Tony Brevett (The Legendary Skatalites in Dub CD, Motion)
Behold A Dub - Amanda All Stars & King Tubby (Rough Guide to Dub CD, Rough Guide)
Warning - Desmond Young (Keep The Pressure Down CD, Fe-Me-Time)
Version (Fe-Me-Time 7")
Bubble - Clint Eastwood (Manzie 7")
Get Up Stand Up - Delton Screechie (Nigger Kojak 7")
Virgin Girl / Lovers Take Over - Eek A Mouse / Lue Lepkie (Joe Gibbs 12" / CD-R) for Jase
Time So Hard - Derek Lara (Guiding Star 7")
Shank Kai Shek - Bobby Ellis (Treasure Isle 12") *
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