Thursday, February 01, 2007

Playlist 1/02/07

Conspiracy on Neptune - Prince Jammy (Destroys the Space Invaders LP, Greensleeves)
Stalag 17 - Ansell Collins & the Soul Syndicate (The Producders CD, Music Club)
Spitfire - Don Drummond (Black Swan 7")
Dreadnought - Baba Brooks (Black Swan 7")
Congo War - Lord Brynner & the Sheiks (Intensified Vol. II LP, Island)
Baba Explosion - The Supersonics (Peckings Tribute to Treasure Isle LP, Peckings)
Ahmad-Jamal - Nora Dean (Chappy 7")
Joseph C Version - Warieka Hills Sound (Honest Jons 12")
Mystic Chant - Garnet Silk (Flag Flown High CD, Maximum Pressure)
Mr Brown - King Tide (Cruel New World CD, Vitamin)


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