Friday, June 22, 2007

Playlist 21/06/07

Black Panta - Upsetters (Blackboard Jungle CD, Auralux)
I Love King Selasie - Black Uhuru (The Crowning of Prince Jammy CD, Pressure Sounds)
King Tubby's Key - King Tubby & the Soul Syndicate (Freedom Sounds In Dub CD, Blood & Fire)
Running From Jamaica / Version - Meditations (Double D 12" /CD-R)
Hooligan Stew - Junior Delgado (Dance A Dub CD, Big Cat)
You're No Good (discomix) - Phillip Fraser (2 Heavyweight CD, Blood & Fire)
Five Man Army - Dillinger, Trinity, Wayne Wade, Al Campbell & Jnr Tamlin (Oak Sound 12" / CD-R)
Police In Helicopter - John Holt (Kings Of Reggae 2CD, Rapster)
Ghetto-ology - Sugar Minot (Trojan 12" Box 3CD, Trojan)
You're No Good - Ken Boothe & Prince Jammy (Haul & Pull Up Selecta 2CD, Trojan)
Let Them Talk - Ernest Wilson (Music Got Mo' Soul CD, Westside)
Aint No Love In The Heart Of The City - Al Brown (Darker Than Blue CD, Blood & Fire)
Just Say Who - Horace Andy (The Bunny Striker Lee Story 4CD, Jet Star)
Black Harmony Killer - Jah Stitch (The Bunny Striker Lee Story 4CD, Jet Star)
Who Is The Man - I-Roy (Roots Techniques CD, Pressure Sounds)
Take A Dip - Dillinger (Mrs Isaacs CD, Blood & Fire)
Cokane In My Brain - Dillinger (CB 200 CD, Island)
Riverbank - Deadly Headly (Earthquake Dub CD, Hot Pot)
Train Load Of Collie - Tommy McCook & the Observers (Head Shot CD, Heartbeat)
Jaro - Tommy McCook & the Impact All Stars (Heavyweight 3 CD, Blood & Fire)
Christine Keeler - The Skatalites (Foundation Ska 2CD, Heartbeat)
Tighten Up - The Inspirations (Upsetter Shop Vol. 2 CD, Heartbeat)
Cane River Rock - Dillinger & Lee Perry (Words of My Mouth CD, Trojan)
Pirate - Rapper Robert & Jim Brown (Coxsone 7" / CD-R)
All Nations Bow - Big Youth (Roots Techniques CD, Pressure Sounds)
Bird In Hand- Upsetters (Arkology 3CD, Island)
Happy Roots - Upsetters (Black Board Jungle CD, Aurulax)
Rastaman Shuffle - Upsetter (Black Ark 12" /CD-R)

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