Thursday, August 24, 2006

Play List 24/08/06

Iron Bar / Mas Charley Bell – Hubert Porter (Take Me To Jamaica CD, Pressure Sounds)
Argument – Vin Gordon (Fighting Dub 1975-1978 CD, Hot Pot)+
Message from the King - Prince Far I (Message From the King CD, Frontline)
I’m Not Ashamed - Culture (Two Sevens Clash CD, Shanachie)
Version - The Mighty Two (No Bones For The Dogs CD, Pressure Sounds)+
Two Sevens Clash - Culture (Two Sevens Clash CD, Shanachie)+
Fulfilment - The Mighty Two (No Bones For The Dogs CD, Pressure Sounds)
Iron Sharpening Iron - Culture (Harder Than The Rest CD, Frontline)+
Money Girl - Culture (Live in Africa CD, Nocturne)+
Skyjack - Bongo Gene Campbell (Pressure Sounds 7")
Close the Gate Dread – The Travellers (Pressure Sounds 7")
Cape to Cairo – King Tubby (Pressure Sounds 7")
Diverse Doctrine – Ras Ibuna (Pressure Sounds 7")
Super Star – Hortense Ellis (Ja-Man 7")
Blood Dunza - Blazing Fire (Ja-Man 7")
Love Jah Always – Rod Taylor (Ja-Man 7")
You're Going Away / Musical Discussion – Rod Taylor (A Lone Productions 10")
Fisherman Style – U Roy (Congos Music Works Int. 7")
Live Good Today – Prince Jazzbo (Blood and Fire 7")
Feed the Nation - Big Youth (Congos Music Works Int. 7")
Fisherman Riddim (Congos Music Works Int. 7")
Africa – Lloyd Hemmings (Solid Roots 7")
Boxer Dub - Skin Flesh & Bones (Fighting Dub 1975-1978 CD, Hot Pot)
My Father’s Land – Ripton Hylton (Eek A Mouse 7")
Creation – Eek A Mouse (Eek A Mouse 7")
Tek Wey – Eek A Mouse (Blacker Dread 7")
Got To Be Free – Lloyd Brown (Pickout 7")
Ganja Farmer – Marlon Asher (Carribean Underground 7")
Sensimila – Buju Banton (Powerlink International 7")
Eye For An Eye - Prince Buster (Blue Beat 7" / CD-R)*
No More - Don Drummond (Gaz Mayall Top Ska Tunes CD, Trojan)
+ Sound Samples
* Audio Download

Link of the week: Lee Perry in the Black Ark
My release of the week: Leroy Smart - Dread Hot In Africa Originally release in 1977 on Burning Sounds I've just picked it up and am really enjoying it.


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