Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One Love

Can’t make this one myself as will be outta town, but they are going to be monthly over summer. Teddy V is on 2RDJ 88.1FM Thurs 9pm-12am. Also on Saturday night there is Make it Clap – a night of hip hop and dancehall.

Over at the Oz Reggae Forum there have been some interesting discussions of late. Check the thread on Nasty Tek vs Atomic, to see some dummy spitting and acrimony on the Sydney scene around a dance that happened over 10 years ago! There is also some chatter about Chris Blackwell. I’m with the Professor, Sabotage and L. Static on this. The other one that caught my attention was about Australian musicians, Graeme Goodall and the birth of the Jamaican recording industry. Looking forward to the Professor’s book on all of this.

The other thing to check is the pictures and comments on Entertainment, Firehouse’s recent night at the Marquee. A great gig – be sure to make their next one.

Finally don’t forget the Beat are coming to Oz and play the Gaelic Club on Friday 6 Oct, and check this Legends of Ska site.


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