Thursday, September 07, 2006

Playlist 07/09/06

Rude Boy Pledge - Cham (Mad House 7")
Coconut Head Version - Wareika Hill Sounds (Honest Jons 12")
Kalenda March - The Lion (Carribean Calypso 10", Parlophone)
Hill & Gully Ride /Mandeville Road - Lord Composer (Mento Madness CD, V2)
I Don't Know - Lord Fly (Take Me to Jamaica CD, Pressure CD)
Green Guava - Lord Tickler (Take Me to Jamaica CD, Pressure CD)
Medley of Jamaican Mento - Lord Fly (Mento Madness CD, V2)
Big Boy Instrumental - Chin's Calypso Sextet (Take Me to Jamaica CD, Pressure CD)
London Is The Place For Me - Lord Kitchner (2LP, Honest Jons)
No, Doctor, No - Mighty Sparrow (Calypso Awakening CD, Folkways)
Kitch's Bebop Calypso - Lord Kitchner (2LP, Honest Jons)
The Wasp - The Bubbles (Ska Boogie CD, Sequel)
Yankee Gone (Inst / vocal) - Mighty Sparrow (Calypso Awakening CD, Folkways)
Mixed Up Matrimony - Lord Beginner (2LP, Honest Jons)
On The Beach - Owen Gray (Ska Boogie CD, Westside)
Time Marches On - Owen Gray (Tribute to Peckings CD, Studio One)
Reggae Calypso - Yellowman (King Yellowman LP, CBS)
Pick A Sound - Selah Collins (Unity Sounds CD, Honest Jons)
Clutch Dem - Papa San (blank 12")
Top Class Girl - Leroy Smart (Jam Session Vol.1 LP, Jammy's)
Fade Away - Little John (Soundclash Dubplate Style LP, Taurus)
Dangerous - General Trees (Ragga Ragga Raggamuffin LP, Rohit)
Under Me Fat Thing - Anthony Red Rose (Firehouse Revolution CD, Pressure Sounds)
Man Me Love - Lady Patra (Music Works Show Case 90 LP, Greensleeves)
Gundelero - Cobra (Bad Boy Talk CD, Penthouse)
No Call Me John Boops - Michael Prophet (Dancehall Techniques CD, Maximum Pressure)
Fire Burn A Weakheart - Bushman (Mambo meets Firehouse CD, Hot)
Build Bridges Instead - Shabba Ranks (Golden Touch CD, Greensleeves)
Retreat Wicked Man - Garnet Silk (Living Room 7")
My Black Queen - Ginjah (Black Scorpio 7")
That Was The Day - Capelton (Gibbo 7")

Links for the week:
The Mighty Sparrow's official site and this great site on Mento Music
An excellent podcast of King Tubby's digital productions: Firehouse Revolution Part 2. And the welcome return of the Disciples Broadcasts. You'll find the archives for these here.


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