Sunday, October 29, 2006

One Love

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Playlist 26/10/06

Russian Roulette - King Edward Allstars (Four Seasons LP, King Edwards)
Tipi-Tin - Skatalites (Tuneico 7")
Rude Boy Pledge - Cham (Madhouse 7")
It's A Pity - Tanya Stephens (VP 7")
That Was the Day - Capelton (Gibbo 7")
Life Service - I Wayne (Gibbo 7")
Herbalist - I Wayne (Alpha & Omega 7")
This Is How We Roll - Ward 21 (Honest Jons 12")
Punch Line - Luciano (Henfield 7")
Must A Ragga Muffin - Luciano (Xterminator 7")
Retreat Wicked Man - Garnett Silk (Living room 7")
Wicked Dub - Eek A Mouse All Stars (Eek A Mouse 7")
Blood on His Lips (custom mix) - Scientist (Distinctly Jamaican Sounds)
Love In A Cemetery (custom mix) - Lord Kitchner (DJS)
Blacula (custom mix) - Crystalites (DJS)
Mr Brown (custom mix) - Bob Marley & the Wailers (DJS)
Mr Brown Version - Upsetters (BMW Rarities Vol. 2 CD, Jamaican Gold)
Spider Man Web - Skin Flesh & Bone (Fighting Dub CD, Hot Pot)
Vampire - Devon Irons (Arkology 3CD, Island)
Vampire Horns - Upsetters (Black Arkives CD, Justice League)
Slave Master - Gregory Isaacs (Dubwise & Otherwise II, Blood & Fire)
City Without Pity - Prince Allah (Only Love Can Conquer, Blood & Fire)
Hungry Belly Dub - Scientist (Phoenix Dub CD, Motion)
Satta Massa Gana - The Abyssinians (Tree of Satta, Blood & Fire)
Man of Creation - Jah Scotchie (Studio One DJs, Soul Jazz)
Declaration of Rights - The Abyssinians (Studio One Story, Soul Jazz)
Rights of Version - Big Joe (Studio One DJs, Soul Jazz)
Fire Coal Version - Prince Jazzbo (Choice of Version LP, Studio One)
One Aim, One Jah, One Destiny - Hugh Mundell (Blessed Youth 2LP, Makasound)
As It Is - Burning Spear (Rasta Business 7")
Let Me Go Girl - Slim Smith (The Bunny Lee Rocksteady Years, Makasound)
Me Never Hold You - Dawn Penn (Striker Lee 7")
Monkey Talk - Hubert Porter (Mento Madness CD, V2)

Link of the week: Wailers Record Shack Chapter 1

Friday, October 20, 2006

Playlist 19/10/06

Blood And Fire - Niney the Observer
Hurting Inside - Marcia Griffiths
Pick Up the Pieces - Burning Spear
Keep My Love From Fading - Ken Boothe
Warie Warie - The Emotions
Fire Coal Man - Wailing Souls

Links for the Week:
Desmond Dekker, Strange Tenants
Shopping: Jimmy Sings, Good Groove
Listening: Ruppie Edwards and Friends, Tighten Up October 2006, Studio One Roots - Chapter One, Marko presents FOTW
Upcomings gigs: One Love, Astronomy Class, 45 RPM, Firehouse meet Rastafari Rhythms, Dancehall Reggae Bounce #21

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Reggae Block Party Pics

Darren Percival





Thursday, October 12, 2006

Playlist 12/10/06

Listen here

Zimbabwe (Extended) - Soul Syndicate (Headshot CD, Heartbeat)
Healing (Fat Freddy's Drop Remix) - The Resurrectors (Healing CD, Future Classic)
School Daze - Astronomy Class feat. Gina Mitchell (Exit Strategy CD, Elefant Traks)
Born For A Purpose - Dr Alimantado (Born For A Purpose CD, Greensleeves)
No Gwan So - Dr Alimantado (House of Singles LP, Greensleeves)
Poison Flour - Dr Alimantado (Best Dressed Chicken In Town CD, Greensleeves)
Sitting In the Park - Dr Alimantado (Born For A Purpose CD, Greensleeves) for Jase
Rasta Train - Dr Alimantado & Raphael Green (House of Singles LP, Greensleeves)
Hot Bum - I. Roy ( Hop 7")
Prime Minister - I. Roy (Flash Forward 10")
Rootsman Dub - Skin Flesh & Bones (Love 7")
Weakheart Fadeaway - Ranking Joe (Weakheart Fadeaway CD, Greensleeves)
Jah Walton Chant - Jah Walton (Spiderman 12")
You're the One - Pat Kelly ( Ethnic Fight 12") for Deb
Sweet Sensation - Johnny Clarke (Top Ranking 12")
Let Off Sup'm - Dennis Brown & Gregory Isaacs (Musical Works 7")
Tracks & Socks - Toyan (Roots Tradition 7")
Kunte Version - Mad Professor (Ariwa 10")
Heatseeking Dub - Astronomy Class (Exit Strategy CD, Elefant Traks)
Hang 'Em High - Jackie Mittoo (Studio One Funk, Soul Jazz)
Selasie I - Richie Spice (Thriller 7")
Call On Jah - Ultimate Shines (Lion Paw 7")
Liberation - Yami Bolo & Capleton (Zion High 7")
No Justice - The Resurrectors (Healing CD, Future Classic)
Mandella Mix - Clinch All Stars (Clinch 7")

Tune in next week for the Ambassador's selections!
More Audio: Firehouse Entertainment @ the Marquee (think you need to be a member of Oz and some great African music at Matsuli Music. Plus I've really been enjoying the Exit Strategy album from Astronony Class. Check their myspace.
Upcoming gig: Firehouse meets Rastafari Rhythms

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Reggae Block Party

Don't miss this one!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Playlist 05/10/06

Star Trek - The Vulcans (Club Reggae Vol. 4 LP, Trojan)
England Story - YT (Riddim #4 CD)
Lean Boot - Richie Davis (Watch How The People Dancing CD, Honest Jons)
Zion Rock Dub - The Disciples (Boom-Shacka-Lacka 10")
Natural Remedy - Melatonin (Postive Feedback Loop CD, Melatonin)
Healing - The Resurrectors (Healing CD, Future Classic)
Somebody's Baby (12"mix) - Pat Kelly (KG Imperial 12") for Deb
Wish It Could Go On Forever - Johnny Clarke (Rockers Time Now CD, Virgin)
Natty Sell A Million - Nicodemus (TR Groovemaster 7")
Diplomatic Link - Badoo (The Sound of Channel One CD, Motion)
Clarke's Booty Style - Ranking Joe (Dub It In A Dance CD, Trojan)
Tribute to General Echo - Clint Eastwood & General Saint (Biggest Dancehall Anthems 79-82, Greensleeves)
Jah Love - White Mice (Collectors Series 7")
Black Man Get Up Tan Up Pon Foot - Welton Irie (Lamb Bread International CD, Blood & Fire)
Every Tongue Shall Tell - Horace Andy (Skylarking CD, Melankolic)
Give Praises - Max Romeo (Blood & Fire 7")
Liberty - Junior Ross & the Spear (I can Hear the Children Singing CD, Blood & Fire)
Stages In Life - Dennis Brown (20 Dragon Hits LP, Dragon)
Don't You Cry - Dennis Brown (From GG's Reggae Hit Stable Vol.1 CD, Jamaican Gold)
Black Stick Rock - Big Joe (Moodisc 7")
Dr Who - I.Roy (20 Dragon Hits LP, Dragon)
Jungle Lion - Lee Perry (Wonderman Years CD, Trojan)
Arte Bella - Kene Boothe & Stranger Cole (Studio One Ska CD, Soul Jazz)
Summertime - Monty the Cyclones (CD-R)
Armagedeon Time (New Mix) - Willie Williams (Studio One 7")
Blast Off - Luciano (Conscious Ragga Vol.3 LP, Greensleeves)
Police Officer - Smiley Culture (The Original Smiley Culture LP, Jayrem)
Khaki Suit - Damian Marley feat. Bounty Killer & Eek A Mouse (Ghetto Youths 7"
These Streets - Tanya Stephens (Riddim #4 CD)

Links for the week:
45 RPM
Reggae Block Party
Dancehall Reggae Bounce #20
Flabba Get Badder
Disciples Broadcast
Lawless Street Podomatic
Upsetter Station
Purchase of the week is Doctor Alimantado's House of Singles LP on Keyman / Greensleveves. Great Stuff!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

45 RPM

Get along if you can. Dan, the Ambassador, will be playing at this one.