Monday, January 29, 2007

A Long Weekend / Luciano

Well it was a big long weeekend in Sydney.

On Thursday evening got the Luciano interview out on 2RRR and then posted up on Podomatic and OZ Reggae. You can also find an interview conducted by Melbourne's Jesse I at Oz Reggae or go to PBS FM and look up his Chant Down show.

On Friday night there was the Luciano gig itself. Fantastic gig with great support. Sweet vocals from Luciano and Mickey General. Ricky Trooper was impressive and the 'friendly clash' with Firehouse was a very nice way to finish the night. Was a good turn out too, with a nice vibe. There are some great pictures and discusssion of it all over at the Oz Reggae forum.

On Saturday night Nasty Tek put on a blues dance at Jimmy Sing's record shop. Couldn't reach it myself. You can listen to the audio here.

Sunday night was Freedom Sounds at Spectrum. Pretty small turn out this week, but still fun. I played a set of the following sevens:

Idi Amin Version - Dean Fraser & Nambo Robinson (Emmanuel), Joshua's Word - Johnny Clarke (Jackpot), Run Come - Jah Stitch (Addis), Slipe Pen Road Rock - Dillinger (Cancer), Barbabas Collins - Lone Ranger (Thrillseekers), Bubble - Clint Eastwood (Manzie), Ranny A Rock Miss Lou - Jack Sowah (Thunderbolt), Under The Sensi - Barrington Levi (Thunderbolt), Pain - Brigadier Jerry (Roots Tradition), Track & Socks - Toyan (Roots Tradition), The Truth - Johnny Osbourne & Burro Banton (Massive B), Hackle Dem - Thriller U (Firehouse), Pumpkin Belly - Tenor Saw (Jammy's), Ganja Smoke - Ward 21 (John John), Down In The Ghetto - Bounty Killer (Kingston 11), Punchline - Luciano (Henfield), Silver & Gold - Luciano (Gibbo), That Day Will Come - Capleton (Gibbo), Stop I Can't - Jah Mali (1st Foundation), Cool Out Son - Junior Murvin (Joe Gibbs), Kill Off The President - Mykal Roze (Xterminator), Got To Be Free - Lloyd Brown (Pick Out), Sensimenia - Buju Banton (Powerlink International)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Playlist 25/01/07 - Luciano special

Second Summer - Bobby Ellis (Black Skin 7")
Messenger Man - Willie Williams (Messenger Man CD, Blood & Fire)
Man Of Jah Order - Luciano (Tree of Satta CD, Blood & Fire)
Praise Without Rasie - Dennis Brown (Cash & Cary 10")
Many Have Fallen - Mikey General (Rough Inna Town CD, Maximum Pressure)
Israel's King - Cocoa Tea (Best of Cocoa Tea CD, Xterminator)
Jah Bless Me - Jah Cure (Henfield 7")
Retreat Wicked Man - Garnett Silk (Living Room 7")
Psalms 24 - Mutabaruka & Luciano (Rough Inna Town CD, Maximum Pressure)
Punchline - Luciano (Henfield 7")
Strive - Luciano (Addis 7")
Must Raggamuffin - Luciano (Xterminator 7")
Rough Inna Town - Luciano & Cocoa Tea (Rough Inna Town CD, Maximum Pressure)
What We Got To Do - Luciano (Fleximix 7")
Silver & Gold - Luciano (Gibbo 7")
That Day Will Come - Capleton (Gibbo 7")
Never Give Up My Pride (Live in Venezuela) - Luciano (download)
Rule Dem - Garnett Silk & Luciano (Killamanjaro Remembers Garnett Silk CD, Revue)
Selasie I - Richie Spice (Thriller 7")
Provherbs - Daweh Congo (Jet Star 7")
You're Going Away - Rod Taylor (A Lone Ark 10")
Why Dem A Gwan So - Cornell Campbell (M Records 10")
Dahina Dimps - Dean Fraser (Tree of Satta CD, Blood & Fire)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Playlist 18/01/07- Impact!: a Randy's special

Tanya Stephens Dubplate - Firehouse at the Marquee 13 Jan 07
Sidewalk Killer - I-Roy (Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff CD, Blood & Fire)
Love Don't Come Easy - The Heptones (Peace & Harmony 2CD, Trojan)

Burial - The Wailers (Impact! 7")

A Little Mashin' - Bunny & Skitter (The Rough Guide to Ska CD)

Blow Roland Blow - Roland Alphonso (Randy's 7")

Royal Charlie - Charlie Organaire (Randy's 7")

Someone's Going To Bawl - The Maytals (The Rough Guide to Ska CD)

Would like to dedicate this humble little show to Vincent Chin - who combined a love of music with a sense of adventure and business acumen, Augustus Pablo - for his rich musical vision, and Errol Thompson - a studio egineer who combined professionalism, craftsmanship and experimentation. And of course Clive Chin.

There is an excellent interview with Clive Chin here that recounts the Randy's story. For a brief overview check VP Records in the about VP section. Fortunately it is pretty easy to pick up material related to Randy's. Check 'The Rough Guide to Ska' (Rough Guides), '17 North Parade' (Pressure Sounds), 'Impact!' (Soul Jazz), 'Forward the Bass' (Blood & Fire) and 'Out on A Funky Trip' (Motion) for starters.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Playlist 11/01/07

Chinatown - Don Drummond (Top Deck 7")
Away From It All - Don Drummond (Randy's 7")
Sampson - Tommy McCook & His Orchestra (R&B 7")
King, Sir, Duke - Prince Buster (Prince Buster 7")
Fire In A Wire - I Roy (Front Line 3 LP, Virgin)
Bush Heads - King Tide (Scared New World CD, Vitamin)
Visions Of Dreams - The Resurrectors (Healing CD, Future Classic)
Fast Lane - Buju Banton (Riddim #6 CD)
Trust - Burning Spear (Freedom CD, Nocturne)

Robojase, of Bass Culture Radio, will be doing a set at Freedom Sounds, Sunday 14 January @ Spectrum (Oxford Street)