Thursday, July 19, 2007

Playlist 19/07/07

(Image from Smokey Room)

Freedom Train - Michael Rose (Reggae Central 7")
High Grade - Jah Mason (Reggae Central 7")
Israel's King - Cocoa Tea (Israel's King CD, VP)
Praise Ye Jah - Sizzla (Praise Ye Jah CD, Xterminator)
Don't Dis The Trinity - Capelton (Prophesy CD, African Star)
Build Bridges Instead - Shabba Ranks (Golden Touch CD, Greensleeves)
Pressure - Garnett Silk (Killamanjaro Remebers CD, Revue)
Real Rock - Sound Dimension (Studio One Rockers CD, Soul Jazz)
Truth & Rights - Johnny Osbourne (Studio One Rockers CD, Soul Jazz)
The Struggle - The Viceroys (Studio One Groups CD, Soul Jazz)
Down Here In Babylon - Brent Dowe (Black Arkives CD, Justice League)
Time - The Gladiators (Black Arkives CD, Justice League)
Dub In Time - The Upsetters (Black Arkives CD, Justice League)
Justice For The People - Lee Perry (Give Me Power CD, Trojan)
Wise Man - Junior Dan (Honest Jons / Hi Try 10")
Holy Mount Zion - Gladstone Anderson (Sounds & Pressure Vol. 3 CD, Pressure Sounds)
Portobello - Ansell Collins (Honest Jons 10")
Praise Without Raise - Dennis Brown (Cash & Carry 10")
War In The City - Bob Andy (Black Echoes LP, DEB)
Famine - Junior Dalgado (Black Echoes LP, DEB)
Diverse Doctrine - Alton Ellis (All Tone 12" /CD-R)
Folk Song - Uhuru (More Pressure Vol. 1 CD, Pressure Sounds)
Nany Goat - Larry Marshall (Sound of Channel One: King Tubby Connection 2CD, Motion)
Surfin' - Ernest Ranglin (Studio One Rockers CD, Soul Jazz)
Love In The Dance - Jim Brown (Studio One Rude Boy CD, Motion)
Boom Box - Early B (Dynamite! Dancehall Style CD, Soul Jazz)
Make You Gwan So /Version - Anthony Red Rose (Firehouse 7")
Lighter - Anthony B & Wyclef (Togetherness 7")
Black Princess - Ginjah (Black Scorpio 7")
More Guidance - Sizzla (Black Woman & Child CD, Greensleeves)
Outta Road - Natty King (Gibbo 7")
Ratsaman Train - Raphael Green & Dr Alimantado (House of Singles LP, Greensleeves)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Firehouse Returns

Playlist 12/07/07 - Psalms of the Drum

King at the Controls - King Tubby (Psalms of the Drum CD, Pressure Sounds)
Saturday Night Style - Mikey Dread (African Anthem Dubwise CD, Auralux)
Occupation - The Skatalites (Foundation Ska 2CD, Heartbeat)
Artebella (Machinegun Cut) - Stranger Cole & Ken Boothe (Top Notch Tunes CD, Drum & Bass Records)
Rude Boy Charlie - Charlie Organaire (Top Notch Tunes CD, Drum & Bass Records)
Roll On - Roland Alphonso & the Upsetters (Born In The Sky CD, Motion)
Trip To Mars - Prince Buster (Dance Cleopatra CD, Drum & Bass Records)
Dreadlocks Corner - Prince Jazzbo (Truth & Rights 7")
River Stone - Zap Pow (LMS 7")
Idi Amin - Dean Fraser & Nambo Robinson (Emmanuel Music 7")

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Playlist 5/07/07

Ska Down Jamaica Way

Ska-Ra-Van (take 2) - Roland Alphonso (Top Deck 7")
Ringo Rides - The Skatalites (Ska-Boo-Da-Ba CD, Top Deck)
El Bang Bang - Jackie Mittoo (Studio One Ska CD, Soul Jazz)
Freedom Sounds - Tommy McCook (Studio One Ska CD, Soul Jazz)
Smiling - The Skatalies (Ska-Boo-Da-Ba CD, Top Deck)
Four Seasons Of The Year - Sir Lord Comic (Four Seasons LP, King Edwards)
The Great Wugga Wugga - Sir Lord Comic (More Intensified LP, Mango)
Turn To The Almighty (take 2) - Jackie Opal (Top Deck 7")
You Send Me - Jackie Opal (Gaz Mayal'sTop Ska Tunes CD, Trojan)
You Too Bad - Jackie Opal (Studi One Rude Boy CD,Soul Jazz)
High Blood Pressure - Prince Buster (Blue Beat 7" / CD-R)
Eye For An Eye - Prince Buster (Fly Flying Ska LP, Prince Buster)
Because Of You - Roland Alphonso (Ska Down Jamaica Way Vol. 3 CD, Top Deck)
Dr Dick - Lee Perry & the Soulettes (Trojan Ska Box 3CD, Trojan)
Roast Duck - King Scratch & teh Dynamites (Chicken Scratch CD, Heartbeat)
You Send Me - Derrick Harriott (Gaz Mayal'sTop Ska Tunes CD, Trojan)
Storm Warning - Lyn Tait & the Boys (Shufflin' On Bond Street CD, Trojan)
Fight Too Much - Justin Hines & the Dominoes (Its Rocking Time CD, Trojan)
Bus Dem Shut (Pyaka) - The Wailers (Wail 'N Soul 'M Singles Selecta, Universal)
Blam Blam Fevor - The Valentines (Rudies All Round CD, Trojan)
Hard Man Fe Dead - Prince Buster (Tougher Than Tough 4CD, Island)
Tougher Than Tough - Derrick Morgan (Tougher Than Tough 4CD, Island)
Under Arrest - Prince Buster All Stars (Blue Beat 7" / CD-R)
Woman Come - Margarita (More Intensified LP, Mango)
Love In The Afternoon - Don Drummond (Top Deck 7")
Mr Prince - Prince Buster All Stars (King of Ska CD, Jetstar)
Seven Wonders of the World - Prince Buster All Stars (King of Ska CD, Jetstar)
Eastern Standard Time - Skatalites (Foundation Ska 2CD, Heartbeat)
Rolling Stone - Bobby Aitken (Four Seasons LP, King Edwards)
Confucius - Skatalites (Ska-Boo-Da-Ba CD, Top Deck)
Arte Bella - Ken Boothe & Stranger Cole (Studio One Ska CD, Soul Jazz)
Determination (take 4) - Roland Alphonso (Ska Down Jamaica Way Vol.4 CD, Top Deck)
Dirty Dozen - Vin 'Don Drummond Junior' Gordon (Safe Travel CD, Pressure Sounds)
The Scorcher - Errol Dunkley (Rebel Music CD, Trojan)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Freedom Sound Returns