Friday, May 25, 2007

Astronomy Class & Mista Savona @ the Annandale Hotel, 26 May

PS: This was a brilliant gig with an almost embaressing amount of talent. Great performances all round - from Mista Savona, Vida Sunshine and the band to Astronomy Class and their guests. And a fantastic vibe to boot. Definately see these acts if you can and pick up their material on Elefant Traks.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Playlist 24/05/07 - More Years From Alpha

Going West - Prince Buster All Stars (Blue Beat 7" / CD-R)
Coconut Rock - The Skatalites (Studio Once Scorcher 3LP, Soul Jazz)
Outback Dub - The Skatalites (On the Right Track CD, Aim)
Ites Ites Ites Skatalites Feelin - King Tide (Scared New World CD, Vitamin)
Good Good Rudie - The Wailers (Studio One Rude Boy CD, Soul Jazz)
Concrete Jungle - The Wailers (The Complete Wailers 67-72 CD, JAD)
Dub Organiser - Dillinger (Trojan 10")
Cloak & Dagger (Dub Plate) - Tommy McCook & the Upsetters (Trojan 10")
Words & Meditation - Mista Savona (Melbourne Meets Kingston CD, Elefant Traks)
Little Flute Chant - The Upsetters (Words: Chapter 2 CD, Trojan)
Slavery Days Dub - Disciples (Black Foundation In Dub CD, Heartbeat)
Everyday Sax - Tommy McCook (Blazing Horns / Tenor In The Roots CD, Blood & Fire)
Determination Skank - Bobby Ellis, Tommy McCook, Dirty Harry (Rhythm Master Vol. 1 CD, Hot Pot)
Brother Toby Is A Movie From London - I-Roy (Dubble Attack CD, Shanachie)
Money Generator - Karl Bryan & the Afrokats (Studio Once Scorcher 3LP, Soul Jazz)
Idleburg - Cedric Im Brooks (Studio One Funk CD, Soul Jazz)
Baba Explosion - Supersonics (Tribute To Treasure Isle LP, Peckings)
Step Softly - Bobby Ellis & the Desmond Miles Seven (Rebel Music CD, Trojan)
Thriller - Vin Gordon (Sounds & Presure Vol. 2 CD, Pressure Sounds)
Cobra Rock - Vin Gordon & The Revolutionaries (Fighting Dub CD, Hot Pot)
Shaka The Great - Overnight Players (Sounds & Pressure Vol. 3 CD, Pressure Sounds)
On The Right Track - The Skatalites (On The Right Track CD, Aim)
Ras Woman - Vida Sunshyne (Melbourne Meets Kingston CD, Elefant Traks)
After The Carnival - Astronomy Class (Exit Strategy CD, Elefant Traks)
Cantelope Rock - The Fugitives (Doctor Bird 7")
Africa Dub - Restless Mashaits (Kingston Sessions 1992-2002 CD, Addis)
Universal Horns - Nambo & Ian Hird (M Records 10")
35 Years From Alpha - Deadly Headly (feat. Rico) (Reggae Archive Vol. 2 CD, On U Sound)

Skatalites - On The Right Track
Alpha Boys School
School Days
Tommy McCook
Don Drummond
Vin Gordon
Bobby Ellis
Deadly Headley
Cedric Im Brooks
Nambo Robinson
Dean Fraser

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Playlist 10/05/07

Shockers Rock - The Skatalites / Disco Height (Studio One Scorcher 3LP, Soul Jazz)
Give Me The Right / President Rock - The Heptones / Joe White (Success 10")
Too Late - Gregory Isaacs (Success 12")
Sunshine For Me - Gregory Isaacs (Impact! 7")
One One Cocoa - Gregory Isaacs (Glen Brown: the rhythm master Vol. I CD, Hot Pot)
Stranger In Love - Yabby You (Deliver Me From My Enemies CD, Blood & Fire)
Change Your Style - Dennis Brown (Angen 7")
Conversation - Gregory Isaacs (Mr Isaacs CD, Blood & Fire)
Uncle Joe - Gregory Isaacs (Cool Ruler CD, Virgin)
Brother Joe - Prince Far I (Health & Strength CD, Pressure Sounds)
I'm Just A Dread / One Shut - Jacob Miller / Trinity (Joe Gibbs 12")
Just Like A River - The Mighty Diamonds & Ranking Joe (Joe Gibbs 12") download

Keep On Moving - Bob Marley & the Wailers feat. Wong Chu (The Rarities Vol. II CD, Jamaican Gold)
Running Up & Down - Dennis Brown & Big Youth (Joe Gibbs 12")
Sweet Sensation - Johnny Clarke (Top Rank 12")
The Beatitude - Slim Smith (Third World 12")
Somebody's Baby - Pat Kelly (KG Imperial 12")
Stranger In Love - The Meditations (Wambesi 12")
I'm Going Home - Cocoa Tea (Volcano 7")
Israel - Dennis Brown (Natty Congo 12")
Musical Murder - Gregory Isaacs (Blue Mountains 12")
Mr Music Man - Gregory Isaacs (Redman International 7")
Hic Up - Gregory Isaacs & Tiger (Dancehall Techniques CD, Maximum Pressure)


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Playlist 03/05/07

Draw Your Breaks - Scotty (Riding the Roots Chariot CD, Pressure Sounds)
From Russia With Love - Roland Alphonso & the Skatalites (Last Train To Skaville CD, Soul Jazz)
Dip Them Prince - Charmers (Blue Beat 7"/ CD-R)
Foey Man - George Dekker (Sir Lee's Rocksteady Party at Kings House CD, Jamaican Gold)
Let Me Go Girl - The Uniques (Watch This Sound CD,Pressure Sounds)
Taking Over Orange Street (Sir Lee's Rocksteady Party at Kins House CD, Jamaican Gold)
Trip To Mars - Prince Buster All Stars (Prince Buster 7" / CD-R)
Space Flight - Lee Perry & I-Roy (Chapter 2 of Words Cd, Trojan)
Dynamic Fashion Way - U.Roy (Shades of Hudson 2CD, Trojan)
Soul Special - King Cannon (Harry J 7" /CD-R)
Western Flyer - Baba Brooks (Shufflin' On Bond Street CD, Trojan)
Linger On - Prince Buster (King of Ska CD, Jeststar)
Put It On - The Wailers (Studio One Ska CD, SoulJazz)
Bend Down Low - The Wailers (Wail'N & Soul'M Singles Selecta CD, Universal)
Straight To The Heathens Head - I-Roy (Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff CD, Blood & Fire)
Shine Eye Girl - Barrington Levy & Jah Thomas (Roots Of Reggae II CD, Music Club)
Big Bad Sax - Dean Fraser (Jammys 7")
Running From Reality - Admiral Tibet (The Rhythm King CD, Maximum Pressure)
Bull's Eye - Brian & Tony Gold (Jammys 7")
Dog Bite - The Wailing Souls (King Jammy: a man and his music CD, RAS)
Can't Stop The Ghetto Youth - Linval Thompson (Jammys 7")
Two Big Bull Inna One Pen - Anthony Red Rose & King Kong (Firehouse Revolution CD, Pressure Sounds)
No Problem - Lilly Melody (Firehouse 7")
Dry Up Your Tears - Tinga Stewart (Firehouse Revolution CD, Pressure Sounds)
Gun Man Lyrics - Cutty Ranks (Dancehall Techniques CD, Maximum Pressure)
Go Down Apartheid - Peke (Tee Q 7")
Every Disapointment - Phillip Frazer (Redman International 7")
True Love - Conrad Crystal (Thunderbolt 7")
True True Love - Patrick Cool (Youth Uprising 7")
Na Na Moo Nus - General Trees (Black Scorpio 7")
Black Cinderella - Errol Dunkley & Stretch (Black Scorpio 7")